Stretch Lace Boot Cuffs

These are a gorgeous, feminine way to dress up your outfit when wearing boots!  They go great over jeans in colder weather to bridge the gap between the top of your boot and your knee.  In warmer weather, they look great with shorts, skirts, and anything else you can think of!

I will be making three sizes: small, medium, and large and they will come with an assortment of embellishments like ribbons and buttons.  The height of the cuff may vary depending on the style, but I will have that listed with each picture.  I have many different colors coming soon!  The price on these will be $10 per pair.  Please contact me if you are interested to see if I have your size/color selection available!  If I don’t, I can probably make it!

  • Small:  9″
  • Medium: 11″
  • Large: 14″

I decided to bite the bullet and model these!  Here are some pictures of what they look like in action!

Stretch_Lace_Close_Up Stretch_Lace_Full

In addition to the navy and white, I currently have the following colors:

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