Bookmarks, Headbands, and Hair Ties

Fold over elastic is an awesome item!  It is super stretchy and comes in a variety of styles!  We have bookmarks, headbands, and hair ties in each of the styles below.  Bookmarks come in three sizes:

  • Small – Trade Paperbacks
  • Medium – Large Paperbacks
  • Large – Hardcover books

The bookmarks are awesome because they don’t fall out of your book!  The fold over elastic wraps around one side of the book on the page you are on!  The pictures below show the examples of the different styles we have and are an example of the Large size bookmark on a hardcover book.  The cost for bookmarks is $1 each.  The cost for headbands is $1 each.  The cost for hair ties is 4 for $1!

We also have metal shepherd’s hook bookmarks!  These are handmade with love!  The small bookmarks are $3 each and the large bookmarks are $6 each!

bookmark_large_love bookmark_large_tardis bookmark_large_tardis2 bookmark_small_doctorwho bookmark_small_doctowho2 bookmark_small_hogwarts bookmark_small_tardis bookmark_small_tardis2

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