This saber shoto is perfect for someone who likes a smaller hilt for smaller hands or for someone who wants to duel wield. The hilt is approximately 9” in length and is hand crafted from aluminum. This hilt is extremely light even with batteries installed! This saber uses one green high-powered LED rather than a string blade and it is powered by three “AAA” batteries. The blade length for this saber is 24”. The blades are made of polycarbonate which is the same material used for making bulletproof glass! You can duel with these sabers or you can use them as display pieces! Each saber created by the Saber Stash is one of a kind and hand crafted! Unless you commission us to make two of the same—no two will be alike! The cost for this saber is only $125! Despite its smaller size, it still packs quite a sting!  This saber was donated to Aquafest which was held to raise funds for the family of our San Antonio Aquaman, Jonathan Vela!  We are so happy that this saber went to such a wonderful cause!

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