Wreaths for a Cause!

Farewell to Aquaman

We lost a very dear person in the cosplay community, San Antonio’s Aquaman.  His real name was Jonathan Vela and he was always the first person to volunteer to do an event!  He was an amazing person and we wanted to create something for the funeral and for the family to have.  The art print in the center of the wreath was donated by the wonderful staff of Heroes and Fantasies San Antonio.

Cupcakes and Candles For A Cure

I love to do charity work and to try to raise funds for charity.  I have a wonderful friend who has a group called Cupcakes for a Cure and Candles for a Cure.  She helps to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and I love to support her and her efforts!  I made this wreath for her to display when she is out raising money and awareness!  It is made up of 2″ x 2″ squares of felt and is covered front and back.  It is a beautiful deep purple which doesn’t translate very well on my camera, but it came out gorgeous!  It took about 800 felt squares to cover the entire form and each of those squares were hand folded and pinned individually!  I love it!


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